*A book in Progress* Yes, I'm writing a book!
Running with the Wolf: A Changed Life 
​by Bonny Daku
The Chapter before the first:
I have often thought of sharing my story.  My biggest problem has been where do I start and maybe a bit of a problem was also why would anybody read a story written by ME? 
That second part has my lack of self confidence smeared all over it and I don’t want it to.  So I accept the fact that maybe no one will want to read my story.  On the other hand, maybe there is someone out there that is going through something and what I say will strike a chord within them and let them know that they aren’t alone. 
This journey of life is scary and can be incredibly lonely.  It can bring us down and it can bring us up.  I guess the thing in my story isn’t going to be about how wonderful my education is and how you should listen to me because I have a PhD, because I don’t.  I don’t have a Master’s degree or even an undergraduate degree.  I wish I did because those letters back up a lot of what authors put down on paper.
I have copious amounts of knowledge from life.  I’ve been the scrub room nurse that delivered a baby.  I’ve been the nurse who held the hand of someone as they took their last breath.  I’ve been that person who comforted her children and wept because I couldn’t fix all of their problems.  I’ve been a lot of things to a lot of different people.  So even though I have no fancy title or fancy credentials, I do have a story, as valuable as anyone’s and that story shaped and formed me into who I am today, much like your story of your life has shaped and created a very distinct and beautiful you.
All our stories are important.  Every book we read, every person we meet, and every experience we have, all of it combined together is our knowledge base to make us who we are.  This is about my journey of transformation from someone I didn’t like very much to someone I’m becoming more and more proud to be.
Join me and maybe you can discover more of yourself. Maybe you can share you story with me so you can become part of my future self.  Who knows?