My Journey

Running with the Wolf - A Changed Life is about who I am, how my chronic illness affects my life and my family and friends.  Hopefully a place of inspiration, support and encouragement.

Running with the Wolf: A changed Life

Where do I start?  How can I convey to you how changed my life became when I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis?  It is the commonly suffered but little known disease.  An invisible assailant on my body that has made me weaker yet stronger somehow.  A person has to learn to change and morph as their circumstances in life change.  But do we do that when we're hit with a chronic illness?  Not always.
For me, not to change became unacceptable.  I didn't want to just exist as a victim of a terrible disease.  I wanted to be a person who reached out, helped others, learned and maybe taught and encouraged others.  Instead of running from my disease, I realized I had to run with it - no excuses.  Thus, "Running with the Wolf (AKA Lupus): A Changed Life (AKA My life), became the underlying theme of a tranformation that took place in my life, in my family, in my world.
Join me on my journey to discover my very best life - changes and all.  May it challenge you to reach for your very best life, too! Embrace the concept of wholehearted living!
Lovin me some wine!
Loving my best friend!
As I expand my website (still a work in progress) I will share with you some of the different wines we've tried.  We tend to reach for the organic wines and although I'm no connooisseur of wines and what you pair them with, I do know what I like and why!
Me and my best friend.  He is the person who helped me believe in myself even when I doubted what I was doing or if I could do it.  Thank you for loving me and joining me on this journey!
I call this picture "Reflections".  I took it from our campsite that we held for several years at a little lake a few kilometers from our home.  Many days spent at that lake, looking at it, sometimes recovering from surgery or illness or sometimes just enjoying the lake for what it offered.  Beauty